What your diet does to your Hormones

A diet high in white flour, refined carbohydrates, caffeine, and sugars destroys the endocrine system and even the hormones that are regulated by this system.
The body requires proper nutrition to function and produce enough hormones to maintain balance.

Unless the foods you purchase are organic, you run the risk of consuming toxic pesticides, which are also considered disruptive to hormone balance. Meat and dairy products can also be pumped with hormone to expedite growth, and that added hormone can disrupt natural hormone production.

The nutrients you consume from the foods you eat can impact which hormones are being produced, when, and in what quantities. This means that caloric deficits and surpluses can affect hormonal balances in your body!

Overall health, as well as many diseases, has been linked to digestive health. Research has proven that gut, or digestive, health equals hormonal balance and vice versa. The gut is teeming with bacteria, both beneficial and problematic. The key is to make sure the good outnumber the bad. This is best done through diet. The following can improve hormone balance…