Love it or Hate it?

Sprinting? Long Distance? Medium Distance?

I’ve met a lot of people lately that have embraced and really enjoy running from medium distances to long distances. I am amazed and impressed at the people that can run for hours at a time.

Medium and long distance running was never part of my training and I have little to no desire to take on that challenge. As an athlete I played sports like swimming, gymnastics, soccer, and tennis which depended on being able to sprint at maximal or near-maximal speed. I have a sprinter’s figure which I much prefer over that of a waify marathoner. Although I think my feet are my worst body part I do not wish they get any uglier. If you haven’t the toes of a marathon runner you should!

Do I get out and run? Yes, I do run as part of my cross training because I enjoy being outside and know what it does for my over fitness.  Plus there is no equipment necessary and I can do it anywhere. I have my play lists that motivate me to put one foot in front of the other for 30 minutes.

For those who log many many miles a week and train for marathons and half marathons, I encourage you to avoid overuse injuries and cross train. Make sure your body is properly fueled and check out your running form to ensure proper body mechanics and efficiency.


Whatever your reason for running take care of your feet because they absorb the most force, and after the knee, the foot is the most frequently injured body part. They are the foundation of your body, which means keeping your feet healthy can help keep you healthy

Put your best foot forward!!!


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