//More on running

More on running

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other night who is an avid iron man and triathlete. He happened to mention that when he was in the height of his training he would visit the chiropractor on a weekly basis and constantly suffered from hip and back pain. Funny enough when he stopped participating in iron man and triathlete events his back and hip pain went away. He was forced to semi-retire because he injured his foot (first injury he has ever suffered at 48 years of age.)

Okay, so you see I am not big on running as the only form of exercise you do. So you may wonder what it is that I suggest for cardio. I obviously don’t suggest only cardio because resistance training is the only way to change your body composition. I don’t know about you but the older I get the LESS I want my booty to sag.

Stay tuned for next week’sblog on Cardio…

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