Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate.

If your heart yearns for it, make the jump no matter what you think you’ll give up. You will become better for it.

That was the key insight I’d learned when I made the biggest decision of my life to leave my long-time career of 15 years as an IT Director to become a start Beauty and the Beast Mode Fitness business.

That was actually the easy part. The hard part has been going through life’s shaky roller coaster of having uprooted my entire foundation to start again from scratch.

My introduction to sports and competition came at the early age of 2.5 when my older brother and his friends went to a swim lesson where I could not participate because I was still in a diaper. The very next day I was potty trained and able to tag along to my brothers lesson where I showed no fear of the water. Within a week I was the best  swimmer in the group.

As a child I excelled as a swimmer and gymnast and also played tennis, soccer, and basketball.  One could say I’m athletically blessed.

I have fond memories of getting first place ribbons, medals, and trophies for freestyle and vault.  Then it all came crashing down on me (literally)at 10  when the spotter dropped me during vaulting practice. I didn’t feel the pain immediately and thought whatever it was would eventually go away.  Still going to gymnastic practice while in pained I lived in denial for months.  One Saturday morning I eventually broke down to my parents (yes I’m very stubborn) about the back pain I had been having for months.

Then, my parents scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me with spondylolisthesis and treatment began immediately. I was measured and fitted for a back brace which I wore for 8 months. Still in pain after wearing the brace, the next step was a full body cast. All of a sudden a very active little girl was completely helpless and sedentary confined by a cast that covered my core all the way down to above my knees. After 2 months in the body cast I was still in pain and the decision was made to perform surgery. The summer before 6th grade I had a spinal fusion and was on my way to recovery.

After 10 months of physical therapy I was finally able to return to light activity for the start of 7th grade. I was cleared for all sports EXCEPT gymnastics. I poured my energy into swimming, soccer, tennis, and basketball to fulfill my competitive side.

As a 10 year old I developed the biggest part of my character the ability to adapt and overcome. Little did I know at that young age how valuable and useful that character trait would be for everyday life.

In high school I lettered in swimming, soccer, and tennis.  Academics were a higher priority for me and I chose not to pursue a sport in college.

After my high school athletics career was over, the summer before college I joined a gym with a best friend and haven’t looked back. I’ve been the “gym girl” ever since. By gym girl I mean the girl who isn’t afraid of the weight room.

I have a strong background in business and technology leadership and was responsible for all of the technology and systems for BNYMELLON in Boston.

In 2015 after 16 years in IT, I decided to leave to pursue my Passion for fitness a become a full time Personal Trainer and health coach.


I’ve been in the Fitness Industry for 24 years, and I’m a NASM certified personal trainer. My athletic career began when I was 2.5 years old and my passion for fitness started at 18. After high school I transitioned into the fitness industry where I started the aerobics program at my alma mater Lehigh University. I have worked as a Group Fitness Director, Celebrity Trainer, lifestyle coach and everything in between.

My dedication to sports as a seasoned athlete allows me to continuously stay at the forefront of the Fitness and Health industry. Programming for my clients are customized based on their individual fitness levels lifestyles. goals, needs and body types.

I absolutely LOVE lifting and being strong. It’s incredibly empowering, uplifting, and confidence boosting. Not to mention, lifting has really changed my “shape” as opposed to my “size.” Meaning, that although I weigh about the same as I did before I started lifting, my body looks completely different.