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I teach you the incredible things your body can do through exercise and nutrition.


  • Forget Testing Theories: Trial and errors are a waste of your time, because I’ve already done them for you.

  • Coaching: You’ll no longer have to go scouring through the Internet for hours trying to figure out the tricks and tips of getting stronger and leaner. You will have a highly educated, experienced trainer who has been there and worked with lots of individuals already.

  • Rock That Bikini, Dress or Favorite Outfit: You are going to be lifting weights often, causing any body fat you have to melt away. You will gain lean muscle mass and be left with the defined body you’ve earned.

    Donate to Goodwill: Your legs, butt and stomach are all going to change shape dramatically. Go ahead and donate those jeans to a good cause, because that size you’ve always wanted to wear is just around the corner!

What I’ve created is the aggregate of years of field-testing and research. It leaves you with no guesswork, knowing that I’ve tried dozens of methods with lots clients.

My programs consists of:

  • Scientifically proven methods of training

  • Logical progressions designed with your specific goals in mind

  • Support and accountability through trained professionals and a solid community

  • Education on maintaining the body you build 

Work with me and get the following:

  • Programming: A structured, customized and comprehensive plan designed to meet your goals

  • Accountability & Coaching: Expert advice and tips to add support every step of the way, from training and technique to diet and recovery, and movement demonstrations to educate you and keep you healthy. Weekly check-in with a trained coach, ensuring that you stay on track and get the most out of the program.

  • Nutritional Tips: Healthy Habits E-book, recipes, newsletter. The habits that experts have adopted that make training, nutrition and recovery easier.

Before starting your workout program, you will have a scheduled a one-to-one meeting to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and to develop the most beneficial workout routine to match your specific goals. I will combine exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices so you can improve all aspects of your physical and mental well-being.

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