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I want you

to be able to run

until your

last days on Earth.

Take my 15 point assessment

to see if you

are ready to run for life

and don’t let what happened to Christopher

happen to you!

Runners come to me every single day because they are battling hotspots or recovering from injury so I decided to create a program to make a durable runner. 

Surveys and research suggest that approximately 3 out of 4 runners get a least one running injury per year and for marathoners, 90% struggle with some ailment in the process.

When you have pain, you need to attack the problem like the athlete you are. Injuries are manifestations of weak spots in your personal infrastructure and the way you run.

Running injuries do NOT “just happen.”  In fact, most injuries trace back to a tiny handful of common problems. And that’s great news, because it means that…

Most Running Injuries Are 100% Preventable…

And you can reverse the damage from years of forced sedentary life and punishing training.

When you fix these underlying problems, injuries that have nagged you for years start to heal on their own.

I really want to empower you to take control of your own running health so you can experience these benefits yourself.

The Program is divided into three parts:

Strength: Strength workouts that tell you what to do and more importantly why it matters!

Form: I give you tips and suggestions for every time you hit the road and learn what good running form feels like so you can maintain it for longer periods of time.

Mobility / Movement: Discover what your body can (and should) do. Improve your body’s ability to move with a focused practice and a powerful approach to improving your joints’ natural range of motion.

  • 4 week fully customized program based on the way YOUR body moves
  • Coaching Calls: 4 private coaching calls
  • Training guides with exercise descriptions and tutorials
  • Direct access via email to me for your questions
  • Run Workouts: Focused Warm-up, Drills, and Mobility
  • Mobility Tips: Discover All of Your Body’s Hidden Tight Areas Holding Your Running Back. And Fix Them!

My Running for Life (R4L) program is the FOLLOWING:

  • Serious runners for want to take charge of their running success
  • Runners who want to run for a lifetime or until their last days on earth
  • Anyone with current hotspots
  • Those who realize will never get to the top of their game on their own

My custom program based on your mechanics is designed to target your specific limitations and to reinforce proper  standing, walking, and running motor control patterns and here are some results you can expect:

  • Increase the range of motion in your hips, ankles and shoulders
  • Maintain healthy muscles and increase blood flow to trouble areas
  • Run faster and recover faster by actively engaging your muscular system
  • Restore your normal range of motion
  • create optimal hip function
  • enable your tissues to slide and glide
  • put your joints in proper positions
  • alleviate stress on your knees
  • facilitate proper running form

As soon the 15 point assessment is complete I will email you a  quick start guide that contains a sample warm-up, mobility and strength workout.

Then we set up a time to discuss my findings and how and why I created your personalized exercise program.

I wanted to make this as easy as possible so you only need 15 minutes a day.  I design the program with detail and structure that is easy to understand and execute.

During this process, you will discover how your body is an amazing adaptable machine.