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Do you want to know how your body is affecting your golf swing?


Effective golf fitness improves your body which creates more consistency, distance, and lower scores.  Golf Fitness training activities include exercises for mobility, stability, strength, speed, power, explosiveness, and control.  I help you lower your scores and gain more distance.

Serious about golf but unsure how to incorporate fitness into your game?

I will take you through my frustrating journey with the game of GOLF and my love for fitness and how to marry the two.

Training will start with an evaluation of your current physical condition with the ultimate goal of developing a program specific to your unique swing. By clearly identifying your body’s imbalances  work can immediately begin and results happen quickly!

I believe in customized, individualized programming because no two players move exactly alike. 

My golf training programs focuses on the core stability, strength, and explosiveness needed to create stability and mobility in the right places in your body for golf. It promotes muscle strength, balance, flexibility, speed and explosiveness throughout your body while targeting muscles in the golf swing.

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Work one on one with me & get the following


  • 6 week fully customized program based on the way YOUR body moves

  • 6 private coaching calls to ensure accountability

  • Training guides with exercise descriptions and tutorials

  • Workout log to track your progress

  • Direct access to me for your questions


Golf Body Fitness is a custom program based on your season,  to target your specific limitations and to reinforce proper swing sequence and mechanics and here are some results you can expect:


  • Thorough Movement Assessment

  • Increased  power to add more distance

  • Better flexibility and stability to achieve a more consistent swing

  • Functional strength to hit better shots out of the sand and rough

  • Greater mobility to prevent injuries

  • More knowledge for a better training program in-season and out of season


Golf Body Fitness is for the following:


  • People who are tired of trying the next best thing and ready to reduce their handicap

  • Serious golfers for want to take their game to the next level

  • Pros those who want to perform their best

  • Those who realize will never get to the top of their game on their own


How this works:


As soon we book our 30 minute assessment you will get a quick start exercise guide on how to increase rotational power. After the assessment is complete we discuss my findings and how and why I created your personalized exercise program.
Because I know golf just might be the most frustrating sport there is I wanted to make this as easy as possible. I design the program with detail and structure that is easy to understand and execute.

During this process, you will discover how the results you’ve been long waiting for are right inside this program as we get you into golf shape with more energy and most importantly that extra yardage to your drive.

As a Bonus you will receive a quick start guide, back pain free guide, pre-round exercises, and general nutrition tips.