Get LEAN AND MEAN in 14 
A results-driven group training program that will get you in the best shape of your life! Lean & Mean targets three types of exercise - strength, cardio and metabolic (aka, fat loss) - to ensure that your entire body is lean and mean!
I will share will you the secret 
of getting super lean, tight and toned.
Imagine Yourself 14 Days from Now 
Turning Heads & Shocking Your Friends 
with Your Brand New Sexy Tight Body
This is Your Chance!
14 Days from now you could be pounds lighter, full of energy, and feeling great about yourself.
Doesn't that sound better than struggling along on 
your own trying to lose weight and getting nowhere?
What to Expect
  • Drop 7-13 Pounds Of Unwanted Fat
  •  Melt 2-4 Inches From Your Belly 
  •  Tighten Your Hips & Thighs 
  •  Firm Up Your Butt! 
  •  Tone Up Your Arms 
  •  Slip Back Into Your "Little Black Dress" 
  •  Look Stunning in Your Bathing Suit Again 
  •  Turn Heads When You Walk Into The Room 
  •  Watch The Scale Numbers Go Down Daily!
FACT: Research shows when you are part of a community (what I call our “fitness family”) your results are actually increased by 76%.
When you surround yourself with success-minded individuals you will find success, it’s as simple as that.
Think this sounds too good to be true??
Just take a look at the results from my members.
That’s right - Melt fat, shrink your belly, get lean, slide back into your skinny jeans and pay $3.5 per day - that’s less than a trip to Starbucks!
  • Sessions offered 6 Days a Week
  •  Fast Results 
  •  Done For You Menus & Grocery Lists 
  •  Pounds Melted Off 
  •  Inches From Your Waist Gone 
  •  More Energy 
  •  Daily Motivation 
  •  Accountability & Support 
  •  Weekly One-On-One Consultations 
  •  Easily Slide Back In Your Favorite Jeans Again 
  •  Drop Dress Sizes
But the clock is ticking...

For All My Programs I Offer the following:

  • goal, setting
  • free assessments
  • free in person coaching session
  • nutrition/fitness education
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • and much more

All this is available with multiple groups training session times so you can easily fit your workout into your busy schedule.

Community: You're not joining a gym, you're joining a family and a community of like minded people that will give you the positive support and accountability you need to succeed. 
Affordable: We make it affordable so that anyone can afford to be healthy. Fit For Life is a fraction of what it would cost to hire a personal trainer and you get a whole lot more. 
Accountability: Here, you are not just a number. We make it our mission to hold you accountable and make sure that you reach your goals.
Get Lean, Tight and Toned *FAST* (for dirt cheap)
Lean and Mean in 14
And I have not even told you the best part yet...
When you add up the done-for-you menus, grocery lists, custom cookbook, *UNLIMITED* training, access to our private Facebook group, the accountability and support as well as all the other bonuses I could easily charge $249 for a fat loss program that is this comprehensive.
But like I said I want you and your friends to have access at a price that fits most every budget.
That is why I have cut the price for this once-in-a-lifetime experience to only $49. 
That's Right Pay Only $49

I'm pretty out of shape...Can I still do this program?
Absolutely! I understand that most people coming to us are nervous about getting back in to fitness and likely deconditioned. Don't worry! Regardless of session size and/or how long each participant has been with ME, I start the session by going through and demonstrating each and every exercise we will be doing that day and thoroughly explaining the format of the workout (I don't want to just throw you in the fire any more than you want to be thrown into it!).

I keep our session sizes small (average of about 12 people) in order to provide individualized attention to each participant to ensure exercises are being performed safely and effectively. The main functions of your coach is to (1) make sure moves are being performed safely and effectively (2) offer modifications to individuals who need them, due to injuries, deconditioning, orthopedic issues, etc. and (3) keep the flow of the workout going while motivating and encouraging our participants to push themselves and achieve their results!

How long are the sessions?

You'll be in and out in 60 minutes, broken down as a 5 minute warm-up during which we will demonstrate every move we are doing that day, and explain the format, 45-50 minutes of high intensity work, and a 5 minute stretching and cool down period.

How am I going to make time for this program?

You can come to any of  the weekly sessions and as often as you like during the 14 days and you are not locked in to a particular time.