Holiday Survival

My Top 3 tips for Eating  Mindfully During  the  Holidays


1.      Don’t arrive hungry

Although I encourage you to save up your carbs and fats for the big holiday meal, a common mistake is showing up famished. Save your carbs and fats but have a high protein, high volume meal right before you leave so that you can load your plate wisely.


2.      Set  boundaries   for  booze

It’s easy to forget that the calories from alcohol can add up fast. Go in with a set limit of 1-2 drinks for the evening and rotate your alcoholic beverages between water, seltzer or diet soda to help spread them out.


3.      Choose  your  treat

Whether it’s pumpkin pie, extra mulled wine or casserole, choose one food that you only enjoy this time of year to indulge in. Don’t waste calories on food that you eat all the time, or food that you don’t   LOVE.


Remember, one slightly more indulgent meal won’t make or break your progress if you’re not using it as a reason to overdo it. You have a good understanding of where the line between being a bit looser and having a blowout is.

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